e’rybody’s all like “fandom’s where i found community and understanding and happiness’

and i’m in the corner like “fandom’s where i found my high blood pressure and an insatiable urge for murder”


god just kill chris argent already

garret is such a lil bitch gosh

i didn’t expect to care about liam this much

i mean if teen wolf had better writers i’d love to see both a) characters that are disabled/mentally ill/traumatized and in peace with it; and so are considerate and caring when it comes to other neuroatypical people, and b) characters that are disabled/mentally ill/traumatized and still very much feeling like they are somehow superior to other neuroatypical people; because it’s an important discussion to have. but teen wolf has shit writers and i’m continuously disappointed 

on the same line, i love scott and kira because they are my neuroatypical babies and are also helpful and understanding and sensitive when it comes to other people’s mental health god bless

i love lydia and stiles becasuse they are my neuroatypical babies 

i hate lydia and stiles because they are ableist pieces of shit 

scott haters always have such terrible tumblr themes 

there are certain celebs i wish were queer because i have huge crushes on them, and then there are the celebs i just feel like they are really truly bisexual as hell and just haven’t realized it/come out yet (i specifically mean sebastian stan, tyler posey and kristen stewart; also known as the BISEXUAL VIBE BABES