ok but i’m actually worried about this

if i keep with my plan, this summer i would have a 9am to 5pm work and then a 6pm to somewhere between 3 and 5am job. that’s about four or five free hours where i need to cram food, showers and sleep.

and then, when classes start, i would quit the morning job and have 1pm to 6pm classes and then run for a 6pm to somewhere between 3 and 5am job. but the problem is that i will need free time to study, so i need those six or seven free hours to eat, shower, sleep and study

the last time i attempted a schedule like this was 2012. i ended up anemic, with clinic depression and a stress peak that left me in shambles. it took me months to get back on track after that bullshit.

i’m really really worried and i don’t want something like that to happen again.